"There is only one of you in all time. This expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium, and it will be lost."
                                 -- Martha Graham

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Come on guys, anti tags exist for a reason. I totally understand if you don’t ship them, but WAY too many of you are being borderline insulting to those who do. If you only see them as a sibling relationship then that’s fine, but don’t make the Pyka shippers feel like we’re stupid for wanting them to happen.

A man and a woman CAN be friends, but just because they can be friends that doesn’t mean they should be friends. Most of you anti-shippers can’t seem to tell the difference.

IF Pyka happens, and that’s still undetermined, I have only one concern, that when this show ends both Pete and Myka are happy. That should be your concern as well, but you keep turning their growing feelings for each other into ammo so you can keep going on with that utterly pointless discussion.

Pete and Myka mean the world to each other, and I believe they would be at their happiest together. To all of the anti-shippers out there, do you have one reason that isn’t entirely based on personal perception as to why they SHOULDN’T get together? I mean, throw out the debate about whether or not a man and a woman can stay friends, throw out if you see them as just siblings, and come up with another reason why it would be bad for them to get together.

And I do mean bad. How would it hurt Pete and Myka to fall in love? And no hypothetical crap like “it could ruin their friendship” because that’s a HUGE maybe that people these days think will happen without a doubt. Somehow you anti-shippers believe that their friendship is great enough that it doesn’t need to become a relationship, but apparently it can’t, even with the slightest chance, survive a future, completely hypothetical breakup.

So if the anti-shippers are interested, I’d like to hear how Pete and Myka falling in love would be bad for them.

I should let this go but….I can’t. First of all, let me say, I completely agree, people should not be putting their anti-opinions in the pyka tag. That’s uncalled for. On behalf of other fans, I apologize. 

As for the rest. Oh sweetie. I’m so so happy for you that your little het ship is sailing but let’s get a few things cleared up. First of all, you don’t have any right to tell anyone else how they should or should not interpret a show, its characters, or its storylines. You’re not a writer, a director or an editor, and even if you were it still wouldn’t make one fucking bit of difference because no one can tell another person how to approach a story and how that story and those characters should impact their lives.  You don’t get to tell us what those characters and their relationship mean.  Give you one reason that isn’t “personal?” Give me one reason that isn’t personal. Because I’m looking at the crap you’re spouting and all I see is personal, yet you have the gall to tell me that your interpretation is somehow more objective, more valid than mine? Fuck off. 

I’m fucking thrilled the only thing you care about is if the characters are “happy” at the end of the show but guess what? That’s not why most of are actually watching.

 How would Pete and Myka falling in love be bad for us? Let me list the ways.

How about the destruction of 4 seasons of canon of a relationship that actually subverted the ridiculous, tired trope that men and women can’t work together without there being sexual tension or romance?

How about the furthering of the bullshit narrative that women are somehow “incomplete” without kids and that any time anything major happens in a woman’s life, LORD HAVE MERCY she’s gonna want babies! When for 4 seasons that female character whose canon has (until now) actively existed to subvert those tropes.

How about the (apparent) complete and utter erasure of an aspect of a character’s sexual identity (and I stg if you come in my askbox and tell me Myka didn’t have romantic feelings for HG I will find you and kick you in the shins) an aspect that is SO FUCKING IMPORTANT for so many of us watching this damn show, because we don’t have the luxury of looking around and seeing ourselves represented on every fucking TV show ever

How the fuck does Pete and Myka getting together hurt me? Its just one more example of how my identity doesn’t matter. How I don’t matter because when it came time to wrap up the show, a major media company thought that catering to its Middle-America hetero viewers and not the FANS that actually helped get the fucking show renewed was the most important thing

I’m super happy you get your ship, and no, people shouldn’t hate on Pyka in the tags, but don’t you dare come in to this space with your arrogant, ignorant hetero privilege and tell me how I should feel about these characters or what this show meant to me or this community of fans for the last 5 years. 

Anonymous asked
sending some anon love your way. i know you're busy and all but i miss you. *hugs you through computer screen*

Thanks anon!

Yeah, I’m crazy busy right now… out of my 4 day long weekend, I’m working 3 of those days.  For 10-12 hour shifts.  That have me starting at 5AM.  I’m pretty tired, and am happy that I am taking the day to rest.  And by rest I mean have my first Easter dinner (the second one is tomorrow night), and then go to a nine year old’s birthday party.

I’ll be back to my regular excited self as soon as it actually becomes spring.

Probably.  :)

Her Timeless Truth Part 2/2


Based off of the Premiere, Myka comes across H.G. in the alternate timeline: Part 1

Myka felt her, before the cold tile at her back, before the telling weakness of her limbs; Helena eclipsed it all. Her throat was dry as she struggled to clear it, “I’m surprised.” Her eyes slowly blinked open, settling where Helena stood a few feet away. She was leaning against the steel lab table at her back, “I must have been out for a while, why hasn’t anyone stormed in yet?”

The corner of Helena’s mouth twitched, or perhaps Myka imagined it, “The cameras don’t work,” she bristled slightly, mistaking the pride on Myka’s face for censure, “I’ve disabled them more times than I care to count. Eventually Paracelsus decided my skills were worth the risk of an unsupervised workspace.”

Myka used the wall behind her to drag herself into a sitting position. Her body was plagued with small aftershocks, but there were far more pressing matters. “How can you be okay with this?” she gestured at the white walls, the hollow sanitized air. It was not unlike a hospital, a setting to which Myka had become far too familiar in recent weeks and one Helena-her Helena-had always abhorred.  “You’re testing artifacts on people, torturing them.”

Her question was left unanswered. Helena twirled the tesla in her hands as she scrutinized Myka’s features, dissecting her with that cunning intelligence that had birthed a new genre of literature, which had nearly sent the world spiraling into another ice age…in another time. 

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