"What can I tell you? A lot of nothing because it’s Marvel! I can tell you - where are the Marvel people?" [x

You know, this is one thing that, as a studio, Marvel is doing right. The actors, writers, directors are all upfront about the fact that if they give out any spoilers or step out of the company line, they’re out. And everyone knows it. The fans know it, and they know that their faves are doing their best to satisfy their wishes and support of their ships and faves, but that ultimately, the Disney-Marvel machine controls everything. Everyone is reminded that these people are here to do a job.

That level of protection is not always there for other actors. Studios and tv producers parade their actors to promote their movies and shows at Cons like this, but if it is a problematic issue related to the writing, representation and the dreaded shipping questions, they let their actors out to fend for themselves. They let their affable, beautiful actors provide the damage control as ambassadors to the fans, and it puts the burden on the actors to be savvy enough to navigate volitile, often splintered and diverse fanbases.

And I am not saying that is not part of their job to grow the fanbase, promote the work and get people invested in the shows. But in the day and age of Tumblr and Twitter, the fourth wall has all but been obliterated. It isn’t fair to make the actors, and to a lesser degree show runners, bear the brunt of that fallout and possibly answer for studio mandated changes we know are happening, but easily forget. Because it is easy to forget that the actors supporting a ship doesn’t mean they have influence on the script. It is easy to forget that even showrunners and producers are limited by the studios and sponsors who fund their projects. It is easy to forget that these people we hold up as role models and reflections of ourselves in the media have limited power and usually have to balance improving representation and better writing and staying gainfully employed.

Marvel never lets you forget.

It stands in front of the actors to accept responsibility for the lack of LGBTQ representation, the lack of women led movies, the lack of ethnic minority representation, so you never blame the actors. As it should. More studios should do that instead hiding behind the actors. They’re just people doing their jobs, and it isn’t fair to ask them to manage the marketing aspects of the product as well.

 Syfy ABC with OUAT I am looking at you

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Lana Parrilla attends Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Closing Night Celebration at the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday, July 26, 2014, in San Diego.

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My recap of this week’s Defiance explores some residual Bering and Wells feelings. 

Heather Hogan for president


Stay hydrated during your semi-occasional fitness routine with some MiO Sport. 

Thunderstorm 2


This is now a done little deal. And yes, I have dodged again through the (not-so-)clever, and also heavy-handed, use of metaphor, but even so, it’s an almost nsfw dodge (depending on where you work, I guess). I should’ve just plunked ‘em down in the middle of a sharknado. Would’ve been more exciting than part 1 was for sure. Chainsaw it out, ladies!

Thunderstorm 2

Myka raises her head. She blinks. The room is almost fully dark. She doesn’t know what woke her… wait, yes, she does, the rumble of thunder, now a little louder, now fading. That had to have been it.

That, or she somehow sensed that Helena was sitting cross-legged on the corner of the bed closest to the armchair. Staring.

“What are you doing?” Myka whispers. The silence is compact, dense, now that the thunder is not breaking it into manageable pieces.

“Watching you sleep,” Helena whispers back.

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I think the best part of the Defiance livetweets tonight was absolutely positively the UNIRONIC TWEETING AT THE SPONSORS BY THE CASTMEMBERS.

I’m not saying renewwarehouse13 had ANYTHING to do with it, but…wait.  Yes I am.


the high five is a queer invention and was first popularized in the queer community

I honestly don’t know what’s more surprising about this: that it started as a symbol of gay pride and identification, or that the high five has only been around since 1977.

Warehouse 13: Blue Curtain


Title: Blue Curtain
Pairing: Bering & Wells
Rating: Explicit
Summary: A small bed isn’t always a bad thing.
Note: Because sometimes I’m told to write porn.

Story here on A03

Anonymous inquired:

You know what I find conducive to writing good explicit erotica? Not having actual sex. There's nothing like a dry spell to help you take your frustrations out on paper...or maybe it's just me. Perhaps the problem is you're having too much sex. ;p

I can’t decide if this is the best anon I’ve ever gotten, or the worst. :)  It is, of course, referencing this ask/answer from last night during my honesty hour game, that I have trouble writing explicit erotica because it comes out sounding like an instruction manual.

My answer to this ask?  a) PPPTH.  I’m blowing giant raspberries at your face.  b) NOPE, because I recently went through a dry spell, and the writing didn’t get any better.  (Is 3 weeks a dry spell? I was getting cranky, and the spousal unit was worse than I was.)  and c) PPPTH.  :)

(But seriously, I’m trying to write a sex scene in a much bigger fic, and while it’s still fairly wooden, I’m starting to get the hang of it… a little?  We’ll see when I finally finish the fic and post it.  The problem is that I’m a very visual person and so want to write it like stage directions — I’m not great at finding the rhythm of the movements in my writing so much as explaining what happened, which is not a lot of fun for anyone.  But I’m working on it.)

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Anonymous inquired:

you have a spousal unit? what is their name?

Oh, silly anon, didn’t you read the rules? I’d answer anything “with the exception of like my full name and address and whatnot”, and I’m putting the spousal unit’s name in the whatnot category.  Because while I clearly don’t have problems posting my own picture, I call the spousal unit as such for reasons. Like anonymity, and privacy, and because this is MY tumblr, and not, as typey likes to refer to the SU, the hummus’s.  I will never post a picture of anyone else or give out personal details without their permission.

But you want a hint?

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Anonymous inquired:

you are awesome and amazing. How do you feel about that?

Well, anon, thanks for this message! I’m feeling pretty good about it!  I think I would be even MORE awesome if this damn cold would go away, but otherwise?  Pretty good.

And I think YOU’RE awesome anon. :)

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Anonymous inquired:

are you the primary pilot or the secondary pilot in your jaeger?

OH shit typey, what did we decide? I was on the left, so that made me the pilot? I don’t remember, but the jaeger that typey named “Destroyer Zed” is totally awesome.  It can parasail.  For realz.

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Anonymous inquired:

well ofc someone's going to ask about your sex life now. so it can be me. weirdest place you've had sex?

I’m not sure if I consider any of them WEIRD, just adventurous.  I’ve had pretty public outdoor sex in the folk festival campground, and had the spousal unit’s hand up my dress during speeches at a friend’s wedding (thank goodness for long tablecloths).  Um, the side of a mountain in Peru? But we were in a tent.  The desk in our students’ union offices? But it was night.  None of those are really weird.  At least not to me.  Maybe someone else would say differently. 

OH! How about in a teepee, in November, when it was really cold and there’s snow outside the teepee but there was no fire inside, and we were the only two girls and surrounded by like, 15 drunk and passed out guys?  OH and I totally forgot about the hotel stairwell with this guy that I met at a school conference, and then we finally ended up in the university owned van.  That one was fun.

Um, tmi?  I blame the cough syrup.

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