The Geek Girls Litany for Feminism by Sam Maggs


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On clothing, identity and the deconstruction of Emma Swan in OUAT S4



So racethewind10 pointed out something about Emma’s dress choice in the promo, and it got me thinking about a couple things regarding wardrobe, how people wear it as a reflection of themselves- and how it can also reveal what kind of identity crises they might be suffering from.

People don’t wear the same clothes just because. (I mean, really: how is it practical to wander the woods in lacy caped outfits? Borrow some jeans from Emma, Elsa, damn. And we all have said enough about the metric ton of Febreeze Hook must be buying for his outfit.) Likewise, people who do wear the same clothes don’t just stop wearing them for no reason either.

And yes, I realize that I am wasting brain cells on what is likely just TPTB making sure that kids instantly recognize Hook and Elsa when they are flipping through channels, but (and file this under probably unintentional genius that this show so easily falls into) there are some really interesting implications to the wardrobe changes we’re seeing, especially with Emma (I just really miss her red jacket, guys. And this is the result).

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 race made me write this out instead of texting it to her phone i vote we get rafiki to come down here and smack some sense into Emma he’s a disney character right? let’s get him to make emma remember who she is so I can see the red jacket again that faded tan jacket just isn’t the same 

I’m not even a little sorry <3



New The Librarians Trailer (x

I’m so emotionally conflicted. Its everything I wanted from Warehouse 13 but there is no Myka Bering & bisexual H.G. Wells and this pains me. 

But it’s LEVERAGE meets WAREHOUSE and it’s done by JOHN ROGERS and if anyone knows anything about me, it’s that I worship that man.  He also knows his audience and more about fan engagement that I’ve seen out of any showrunner, ever.  I suspect that come December 7th, this will be a an all Librarians blog.

Anonymous inquired:

I'm sending you this ask because you are such a positive person who stays out of the ship wars and hate. I'm a CS fan and I really try to be the same way, but I admit that some things do get to me. Anyway, I wanted to ask your honest opinion about JMo's "tea tweet" today. What do you think the reaction would have been if SQ fans had given her SQ tea on set today and she had tweeted a picture of it and said "now all I need is #CaptainSwan tea"? Do you really think SQ fans would be okay with it?




It’s okay, we all fall into the drama from time to time… I am far from innocent!!

And honestly, no, I think there would have been a lot of angry people. But there’s ALWAYS a lot of angry people. The poor girl can’t breathe without someone getting angry.

Tag SQ in a CS tweet, there are CSers who are mad that the tweet included a non canon ship, and ones who don’t mind, and SQers who think it’s PR bullshit, and SQers who think it’s really nice and inclusive.

Not tag SQ in the tweet and there would be people from both ships that think nothing of it, and people who think it’s being exclusive.

Tag CS in a SQ tweet, same story. There would be SQers who don’t care and think she’s just being inclusive, and ones who are angry and think it’s a blatant “no homo.”

Basically, Jen cannot win. So, for me, I just think that even though there’s always going to be someone pissed off and someone else excited about anything she says, I would rather focus on the larger picture that Jen is someone who has these two sets of fans with very opposing views, and she does her very best to show both side that she appreciates them. Will everyone love every tweet? No. But she does her best, and I think everyone should just try to remember that. That’s my opinion!

And this is why I’m vehemently opposed to the ‘new now’ of placing actors at the forefront of social media promotional campaigns. Particularly when the product being sold is owned by corporations with profit margins in the billions. Corporations that can AFFORD to hire and run well-crafted social media campaigns.

I’m against it because it places an actor in the untenable position of having to please everyone, for the sake of selling the product with no social media experience, all with no safety net. Which is particularly tricky for actors on weekly programs as opposed to movies or online programs that are singularly or bingewatched.

What’s not getting talked about is that the actor is not just there to sell the product, but to also sell themselves. Let’s get real, how many of JMO’s half million followers are going to be there when she’s no longer Emma Swan? How many are scrambling to find and view the short films she’s been in (I’ve seen the YouTube hits, it’s not a half million)? How many are plunking down the cash to watch Star Trek for no other reason than because she’s in it? How many are part of a marketable base that she can place before potential producers to say ‘these are the eyeballs/consumers I can bring to your project’? In Hollywood, actors are disposable (sad but true). They’re fired, or replaced. Shows get cancelled.

One day, ‘Once Upon A Time’ is going to be cancelled.

Which leaves JMO stuck ‘playing nice’. Because it’s not just the show she’s selling, but her future career as well. This is not to say that she doesn’t love her fans, but as the lead of a multi-million dollar show, the shoulders of which the show is placed upon, she’s constantly stuck in this position of appealing to fan bases diametrically opposed to each other and not wanting to offend. The way it’s being used now, making a social media presence a requirement instead of voluntary, social media for actors is a firewalker course that’s impossible to navigate without getting burned. And that, imo, isn’t fair. When one becomes an actor you’re not handed a ‘Your New Found Fame and Navigating Social Media for Dummies’ guide.

Because the one question that doesn’t get brought up is this - how much does Disney have JMO’s back if she screws up? In all the talk about social media as the new battleground for promotion, there’s a definitive lack of discussion about the potential pitfalls, ie, Adam Richman, Paula Deen, that Duck Dynasty dude, hell, Michael Coleman, or more importantly, Meghan Ory, who shut down her twitter because the barrage of harassment became too much (which is something that *really* needs to be talked about). Like, what happens when the actors are live-tweeting and someone shoves their foot in their mouth. The double-edged sword where the fans are there to bring in new fans, but can also lead fans away. What happens when it’s an actor’s tweet causing the wank? And that wank (potentially) affects ratings?

In the rush for social media cash, too much of the onus is being placed on the shoulders of the talent. So, yeah, I’m way more forgiving of an actor stumbling to placate various fandom factions, when working for a corporation that should be doing this type of heavy lifting in the first place.

Jo Bless you Trancer. I literally cannot scream THIS loud enough.  I wish fans would grasp that so many celebrities do not understand social media or fandom. They don’t. We understand those spaces and those audiences and those identities because we live them. And some celebs do get it and they are good at managing their social media presence. But its a mother fucking skill and one a lot of people have no training in. Also, (most) celebs do not engage in the sheer, mindblowing level of data consumption we fans do. Think about how much we know about a show; from tweets to interviews to bts stuff to reviews, fans consume so much gd information and that’s not even getting at the vast amounts of fan-produced texts, from meta to discussions to fanworks like art/manips etc.  Meanwhile, the objects of our affections work up to 20 hour days and then are expected to do publicity events like premiers, Cons, talk shows and more in their “spare time.”  Shockingly not a lot of them can afford to sit around and troll twitter to understand the division of fan communities.

Now, none of this excuses racist, homophobic or aggressive behavior on the part of celebs. However, fandom needs to stop (with some exceptions) expecting talent to use social media the way we fans use social media. Because its stupid, and it leads to way too many situations that could be avoided if fans stepped back and recognized the limitations of public communication for celebs. Also if those celebs got some help in how to manage their social media presence but unfortunately that seems unlikely. Corporations like Disney, ABC, NBC, Syfy and more are bad at this shit. They’re bad at it, and they’re letting their talent be thrown on the front lines when a lot of them dont’ have the time, inclination or training to do fan engagement well. And while you can hold celebs accountable for what they say certainly, you also have to understand many of them are in shitty positions and severely lacking in the kind of knowledge we take for granted. 

National Coming Out Day

Like so many people here, I don’t have a real coming out story.  Not really.

When it comes to my sexuality, I usually define it with a hand wave and sound that goes something like “ehhhh”, but bisexual is probably the closest I come to a label, and even that was a long time coming.

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Killing Off The Queers

Dead Lesbian Syndrome. Bury Your Gays.  This trope has a few names, and although I like to think it was fading, this 2014-2015 TV session have proven me oh so wrong.  We have had no fewer than 3 queer female characters be killed off in 3 weeks. Let me repeat that- THREE queer women in THREE weeks. That’s bordering on ridiculous. Of course, that’s almost as bad as killing off 9 queer women in 2013 TV season alone. 

This is not a case of “They are being treated like every other character.”  I would accept that, if we had enough queer women on TV to have a fair sample, but we don’t.  The GLAAD “Where are we on TV” report just came out, and we are almost exactly where we were last year.  3.8% of scripted characters on TV are LGBTQ. This means that way more of a percentage of gays got killed off than the typical straight white male.  This is not equal representation. This is quite literally, “Bury Your Gays” (with a mix of Fridging.)  And it needs to stop.   

The excuses behind these characters deaths are also trite and hard to swallow. 

Isabelle Hartley (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D):  Isabelle was killed off during the season premiere (where she was also introduced!) Her sexuality was never discussed on the show, ever though in the comics she is canonically queer.  Then she was killed off.  THEN the writers gave an interview stating they didn’t talk about her sexuality because they “Would’ve been known as the people who killed off two lesbians on a show.”  

Well, that makes me feel SO much better. Not mentioning her sexuality does not make her automatically straight. Beyond the fact that indicates that “hetero” should be the default sexuality, tons of fans of the show know that in the comics, she WAS gay. Not saying it doesn’t make it so. 

Leslie Shay (Chicago Fire): Leslie was killed off in the first episode of the season.   The writers admitted that it was to further the storyline of everyone else- basically saying she was way less important then everyone else. If killing someone is the only way to further someone’s character development, that’s just plan bad writing. 

Sara Lance (Arrow):  Sara, knows as the Black Canary, was also killed off during the season premiere.  Are we sensing a theme here?  The writers claim it was to further a storyline, but it also sets the stage for her sister, Laurel, to take the mantle of Black Canary (as she is in the comics.) 

I’m all for Laurel being the Black Canary, but did they really have to kill off her sister to do it? Is there some unwritten rule that two women can’t be superheroes at the same time? Would the world end or be sucked into a black hole?  They already have both Oliver and Roy as two of the heroes on the show. Could Sara not have trained Laurel?  Once again, it’s terrible writing. There could have been 100 other ways to have done this that would have been less cliché and painful for the LGBTQ community. 

It’s already hard enough to find myself in TV characters (we won’t even get into the lack of Butch representation,) but to give all the queer kids out there a sliver of hope  and then take it away? Not cool. How many queer kids are watching these shows thinking “Look, they are just like me!” only to watch them get brutally killed? This just reinforces the stereotype that queers don’t deserve happy endings, especially when there are SO FEW of them already on TV. 

Well, you know what? We do deserve happy endings, and good story lines, and to be more than a way to further some straight person’s character development. And it’s time for TV to start reflecting that. 

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“We looked at each other a little too long to be ‘just friends’.”

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Solace, requested by racethewind10


roses are red, violets are blue, repost my hard work and I’ll fucking hurt you.

The nightmares aren’t surprising. They both have them, demons and shadows piling like debris in the corners of their pasts. But Emma’s are few and far between, most of the old wounds healed by home, by family

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Regina Mills meme : 10 anything (5/10)

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Rookie Blue and Lost Girl (*~heeyyy showcasenetwork~*) recognized by GLAAD for having leading or supporting LGBT characters 

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Lana representing for SQ! X